Meet Brandon Woods

Brandon Woods is a young entrepaneur from a little town right outside of Panama City Florida called Marianna. Here Brandon spent more of his childhood out in the woods and creeks chasing deer and catfish almost daily. About the time Brandon turned 12 his mom and dad divorced and he wasa forced to move with his mother to Pensacola Florida. Here Brandon saw a whole new world of saltwater fishing! It was a great passion he grew to know and love.

Once Brandon was old enough to get a job he started washing boats at the local marina. Little did he know that this would soon become the location of his profession. When Brandon tunred 16 he got his first opprotunity to work on a local charter boat. Once they got back to the dock he knew that this is what he wanted to do for a career.

After a few years of fishing he decided he wanted to try something different so he started writing for a few local articles. He then realized his talent was there. Now Brandon has taken on writing this blog for He plans to write articles that focus on his up bringing and that tell the stories of the love and passion he has for the outdoors.